- The Meaning of Chabashira -

When a tea stem stands, Japanese believed it was the sign
of good luck! They called it “Chabashira”.
It is a very rare occasion and
it reflex to our brand as our tea is very hard to come by
and very reserved.


‘ CHA-BA-SHI-RA™ Tea Roastery ’

A Singular Moment in a Tea House Full of Tales is our theme where hard to come by reserve quality teas will be featured under our pillar. Following our concept philosophy - whenever a tea stem is floating upwards like a pillar in a cup of tea is considered rare, this is ‘CHABASHIRA’ ( 茶柱 ) 。 Following the trend of hole-in-the-wall coffee stands, Cha-ba-shi-ra™ Tea Roastery places the ancient tradition of Japanese tea ceremony into a modern context, offering a one-of-a-kind experience of tea meets design and taste.

Our Farm:

Produces One Of the Most Delicious Teas In The World

Our farm is located in Kyotanabe, Kyoto Japan where we produce some of the most delicious green tea in the world. Lead by our Legendary Temomi Master Yamashita Toshikazu with more than 60 years’ experience who also won some of the highest awards and bestowed a National Heritage of Japan given by the Japanese Prime Minister in 1995. Currently we shipped our delicious teas to more than 60 different countries throughout the world.



Mr. Toshikazu Yamashita is a renowned gyokuro master in hand processing (temomi) and Gyokuro production. He has won some of most prestigious awards for his excellence in achievement, including the highest national award from the Minister of Agriculture. A TRUE MASTER CRAFTSMAN & A TRUE ARTISAN

Our Services

We believed that all good things must be shared! One of our business module include supporting our business associates by providing only the best of quality at the same time building stronger reputation through our best of quality products and services. Our services include
  • • Distributions
  • • Consultations
  • • Art of Tea Training
  • • License & Franchising
  • • Supplies
  • • Tea Related Events


One of our core business in the industry is distributing our farm grown Japanese green tea to some of the most famous brands and cafes around the world. With more than 80 years experience in tea business, we currently are distributing to 60 different countries around the world including: Germany, United States, England, Korea, Spain, Estonia, France & Malaysia. If your establishment are looking for a reputable international brand, perhaps do give us a buzz and allow us to make a cup of tea for you.

- Products -

Uji Matcha

Reserve Tea Leaves

Tea Bags

Chabashira Roast

Tea Utensils

Shiawase Cha

Matcha Powder REI

Houjicha Powder RIN

Gyokuro - Fugenji Midori
玉露 - 普賢寺緑

The Art Of Tea Consultation:

As consumers are demanding more and more value in their food and beverages and easy access towards the products, retailers and F&B management are always at the edge looking for something that can stand out of the ordinary to differentiate their offerings to maintain the business growth and standing out to offset competition. CHA-BA-SHI-RA™ Tea Roastery have the expertise and products to support and to engage food companies and cafes around the world. Our team of dedicated tea experts (Chamurai) play a very important role in helping and supporting the food and beverage industry here in Malaysia and to the world.

Creating the future for tea enthusiast and tea farmers. Just like with hand-drip coffee, Cha-ba-shi-ra uses a uniquely designed type of filter to prepare its several different kinds of single-origin green tea carefully selected by our own farm. Following the trend of hole-in-the-wall coffee stands, Cha-ba-shi-ra places the ancient tradition of Japanese tea ceremony into a modern context, offering a one-of-a-kind experience of tea meets design and taste.

- Recipes -

Iced Matcha Latte

Houjicha Latte

Iced Houjicha Latte

Coffee Latte


- Contact Us -

Let’s Have Tea...

Thank you for visiting our webpage. Please feel free to fill in our contact form so our team can make an arrangement for a cup of tea. Please give us a moment to revert to your inquiries. If you needed an urgent support, please do send us a WHATSAPP at 016 5050 280